Workshops and Courses 

From Babbling to Brilliance (0-3 years):
Fostering Language Development in Young Children
25.05.2024 from 11:00 to 13:00

Explore the significance of language acquisition during the early years and provide practical strategies for fostering language skills in your little ones.

The progress of humanity hinges on language. It serves as the cornerstone for preserving our collective history. As individuals refine their linguistic abilities, so too does our civilization advance.

Join us for an engaging session as we delve into the pivotal role of language acquisition in early childhood and equip you with actionable strategies to nurture your child's linguistic capabilities. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge and resources needed to cultivate a language-rich environment conducive to your child's holistic development.​

In this workshop, you will:

Gain insight into the critical period for language acquisition.

Learn to identify and cater to your child's individual interests and needs.

Explore the advantages of early language exposure.

Create a home environment that fosters language developmen

Integrate language-enriched activities into your daily routines.​

Foster meaningful dialogues with your child.

Introduce age-appropriate educational materials.​

Discover effective pedagogical tools for nurturing proficiency in both mother tongue and additional languages, especially in bilingual and multilingual children.

Raising a Child in the Montessori Way (3-6 years):
Laying a solid foundation for learning and development
08.06.2024 from 11:00 to 13:00

Welcome to the "Raising a Child in the Montessori Way" workshop, where we embark on a journey through the transformative principles of Maria Montessori's educational approach. As parents, our ultimate goal is to create nurturing environments that set the stage for our children's lifelong learning and development.

Are you looking for effective strategies to help you with your child's upbringing and education? Do you long to nurture your child's natural curiosity, independence and passion for learning? Embark with us on a journey of discovery as we uncover the profound wisdom of the Montessori philosophy and its personalised application to the formative years of infancy and toddlerhood.

In this dynamic and engaging workshop, we'll delve into the foundational principles of Montessori education, unveiling how they can be effectively applied during the crucial early years of childhood. Through interactive discussions and hands-on activities, we'll empower you with practical strategies designed to nurture holistic development in your child. Our ultimate aim is to arm you with the insights and tools necessary to cultivate a stimulating environment that not only fosters growth but also ignites a lifelong love for learning in your little one.

In this enriching workshop, we will equip you with practical tools and insights to seamlessly integrate Montessori principles into your daily routines. Discover all the advantages of raising and educating with the Montessori pedagogical approach in our next workshop!

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In this workshop you will learn to

Understanding Montessori Principles: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Maria Montessori's groundbreaking principles and their profound impact on early childhood development.

The Power of Observation: Learn the art of observation to discern your child's unique needs, interests, and developmental milestones with clarity and precision.

Practical Life Skills: Explore the enchanting world of practical life activities, unveiling themes and teaching materials designed to nurture independence, concentration, and life skills.

Sensory Exploration: Immerse yourself in the sensory realm, discovering how to stimulate your child's senses to cultivate sensory refinement and cognitive growth from the earliest stages of life.

Motor Skills Mastery: Embrace the significance of unhindered movement in your baby's development, and uncover strategies to foster gross and fine motor skills with freedom and joy.

Creating Montessori-Inspired Spaces: Receive expert guidance on crafting home environments infused with Montessori inspiration, fostering independence, exploration, and creativity.

The Role of the Adult: Understand and embrace your pivotal role as a facilitator of your child's journey, empowering them to flourish within the Montessori framework.​

How can Montessori materials and activities benefit my child?

Montessori materials are designed to offer children the opportunity to discover the world around them through independent learning, repetition and practice.

Montessori materials are presented to the child in sequence, from easiest to most difficult, according to their needs and interests. This clear sequence provides children with a logical path to learning that promotes the gradual layering of knowledge to establish foundational learning.

Furthermore, these scientifically designed materials encourage the development of concentration, which not only allows children to hone their skills, but also marks the beginning of a transformation in their behaviour by enabling them to positively channel their energy.

Learn more about this interesting topic and much more in our next workshop!

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Customer reviews:

“I’m so glad that i decided to join the workshop and Montessori Expo. It was really nice and fun! How Natalia presented the materials was really clear, she explained and answered our questions about Montessori and Montessori related to us so that we have more insight about it. I hope there will be more cool events like this in the future!”
— Tertia Family

“I like the content very much, the possibility to discuss the problems and find the solution. I would like to visit another workshops from Natalia!.”
— Zhang Family

“I really found the workshop very helpful, I could learn many new things about learning materials and friendly principles for helping my son to development his skills. I can just recommend to do this kind of workshop. Natalia did it with all passion and very professional, thanks a lot for this opportunity , I really enjoyed it!!.”
— Cerón Family

“I really liked the attitude of the facilitator. She was kind, empathetic and transparent.”
— Sepulveda Family

“It was so much fun and surprisingly so many things i learned and am looking forward to work with on a daily base. I am also attending on fridays session and looking forward to it! Thank you ⁨Naty⁩.”
— Strathmann Family

“I like the content very much, the possibility to discuss the problems and find the solution. I would like to visit another workshops from Natalia!”
— Zamyatina Family

“Very interesting workshop with a lot of specific and practical information to apply with the kids.”
— Melgar Family

“I found the information to be clear and precise, with good examples. There was an atmosphere of trust and understanding, I liked it.”
— Silva Family

“The workshop was very good, it met my expectations. I found the observation part very useful. Many parents don’t know how to observe their children.
I really liked how Natalia gave her opinions, with respect and acceptance of each family’s decisions. Also how she invited us to get more informed about the use of television, for example.”
— Nuñez Family

“”I enjoyed the workshop very much – the participation of all participants was great.”
— Fernandes Family

“Everything was amazing, thank you very much!.”
— Posada Family

“I loved it. It has been a little clearer what kind of toys my child needs at each stage to try to encourage his development to the maximum.”
— Moreno Family

“Thanks to Natalia. I found everything very accurate, although most of the concepts and materials I already knew, it helped me to refresh topics that I hadn’t touched for a while. It also helped me to improve my observation, which is a constant exercise that needs to be perfected.”
— Gonzalez Family

It was very fruitful session and i learnt a lot – definitely advise for all moms whowever is interested in montesorri style once more thank you Natalie.”
Api Family

“Everything was excellent, thank you!.”
— Heckenbichler Family

“Thank you very much for your workshop, it was very good!

Natalia’s workshops can be very very helpful for many parents all over the world, which do not know how and what to do when they have children; how to organise their time with them, how to educate them with respect, with patience, understanding, intelligence, without stress and difficulties. Plus, how to integrate the activities with the children into their daily life, so that everything works for them and makes parenting easier and even more fun. Above all, it would be even more productive for many parents who end up mistreating and mis-educating their children in different ways due to ignorance, lack of patience, lack of knowledge and ideas on how to manage time and education for their children.”
— Maya Family

“Very well explained concept of the Montessori method with clear daily life examples. The material available for the kids was also very useful – and got them busy while parents were learning :)”
— Mecías Family

“I loved the workshop.”
— Marcilla Family

“We took a Montessori workshop with our 17 month-old baby and absolutely enjoyed every minute of it! Natalia is very detailed, organized and well equipped instructor. We learned many new things but also had fun during the class. Natalia’s approach is very easy going. She is happy to answer any questions and guided us throughout the course. We are absolutely looking forward to attend more workshops.”
Boykov Family

“I have gained a significant amount of knowledge of kid’s language development connected with this Montessori approach. Happy to be part of this session. Thanks, ⁨Naty”.
— Kateghar Family

“I loved this workshop. Lots of great ideas for parenting healthy children. Every child is unique and Montessori helps you embrace the uniqueness of your own children. Definitely reccommend it.”
— Silva Family

“I really liked the explanation and interaction that Natalia did in the workshop. I found the observation exercise fantastic, just with that small example I could realise the old methods of education we have, and how to do it better. The workshop was very good, in a short time there were many good tips. Thank you Natalia for sharing your knowledge and helping me to give my son a different and friendly method of education”.
— Cerón Family

“This was a great workshop introducing me to the fascinating world of Montessori. Natalia gave great insights and examples which helped to understand how to build a foundation for raising an independent child through simple communication and age appropriate activities. Much recommended!”
— Gandhe Family

“I really liked the pace and the clear and brief explanations. Also the topics covered almost everything, giving a global idea about the method, including the basics of the method that were clear and easy to understand.” 
— Terriente Family

“I am very happy to have participated in the workshop. The information given met my expectations. I really liked that the workshop was held in a small group and that Natalia was giving us her recommendations according to the stage we are in with our babies. This personalised approach was very valuable to me. I also found it very good structured – there was a short break during the workshop. Thank you very much.”
Fernandez Family

“I liked the second part (with concrete examples) much more than the first, although I understand that it was necessary to have a base to be able to reason and understand how to proceed. Thank you very much.” 
— Benidez Family

“Natalie is very friendly and expert on her area. I have learnt new things about the concept”.
— Acarturk Family

“I have taken the 0-3 workshop and a personalized consultancy with Natalia. She gave me fundamental tools to continue applying the Montessori Method at home, she’s very patient and friendly, I recommend her 100%.” 
— Gonzalez Family

“I found it very well structured.” 
— Reyes Family