FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our address:

Montessori Family Center
Fürstenwall 228
Düsseldorf, 40215

Right in the center of Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt next to Fürstenplatz

Easy reachable by public transport. Tram – 701, 704, 705, 707, buses – 732, 836

Multiple car parking & charging options within walking distance

Electric car chargers : 

A lot of bike parking options and playgrounds are available on Fürstenplatz

Sickness policy

Out of consideration for our other visitors, please leave sick children at home. Parents and children should not return to the Montessori Family Center until symptoms have not been present for at least 24 hours. Montessori Family Center reserves the right to send a child home to get well.

  • Please stay home if you or your child are showing cold or fever symptoms
  • A clear nose for children under 4 years old is OK
  • Please use tissues in case of a running nose
  • Please, sneeze in elbow

Cleaning and Disinfection:

  • All areas of the Center will undergo thorough cleaning and disinfection daily.
  • High-touch surfaces and toys will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day.
  • The Montessori Family Centre will communicate openly and transparently with parents/guardians about any illnesses or outbreaks that occur within the Center..
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate any concerns or questions regarding the sickness policy with the Centre’s administration.

By adhering to this sickness policy, we aim to create a healthy and safe environment for all members of the Montessori Family Centre community. Thank you for your cooperation and support in maintaining the well-being of our children and staff.

As a Montessori Family Center, our philosophy is deeply rooted in fostering strong
connections between children and their caregivers. We believe that the bond
between parent and child is fundamental to a child’s sense of security, trust, and
well-being. Therefore, we have made the intentional decision not to offer a drop-off

  • Tickets can be cancelled up to 3 days before the event. In case of cancellation by the client, 75% will be refunded –  an administration fee of 25% will be deducted.
  • Change of date and time: Changes of date and time of “Work cycle and free play” tickets are permitted with a notice of at least two hours before the start of the booked block. This gives others the opportunity to access the space if necessary.
  • No-show policy: If no notice of cancellation is given, no refund or change will be given. Exceptions may apply in extraordinary circumstances.

Courses, workshops, and events can only be canceled with a minimum of 7 days’ notice upon presentation of a medical certificate for illness. On this occasion, Montessori Family Center will refund 75% of the total amount. 25% will be kept by Montessori Family Center as an administrative fee.

Montessori’s concept of the “circle of work” revolves around the idea that children engage in a natural cycle of focused activity followed by rest or relaxation. During the “cycle of work,” children select activities from the prepared environment, work on them with concentration and purpose, and then experience a sense of satisfaction upon completion. This cycle repeats as children move from one activity to another, allowing them to explore their interests, develop skills, and build independence.

On the other hand, “free play” in Montessori refers to unstructured playtime where children have the freedom to choose their activities without direct adult intervention.
During free play, children are encouraged to explore their environment, interact with peers, and engage in imaginative or creative activities.

While Montessori emphasizes the importance of purposeful work, free play also holds a significant role in children’s overall development, providing them with opportunities for self-expression, exploration, and enjoyment.

Yes, within our facilities you will find a room designated for you to leave your pram.

Our Center has been created to welcome families with infants and children from 0 to 6 years of age, where each room and space has been specially designed to meet the needs and interests of these age groups.
Yes, feel free to breastfeed your baby in our Parent Lounge. Here you can enjoy a comfortable and quiet space for both you and your baby.
Yes, we have a large kitchen adapted for you and your child in which you are allowed to eat. Please note that the use of the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, cutlery, plates and is for staff use only.

Yes, you can buy alcohol-free drinks and snacks at our Centre (sugar-free options available).

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori that emphasizes self-directed learning, hands-on activities, and individualized instruction. Unlike traditional institutions, Montessori classrooms are typically mixed-age environments where children have the freedom to choose their activities and work at their own pace. We have written a blogpost about this in more detail Here.

At our Center, we believe in fostering a dynamic learning environment that mirrors the diversity of the real world. Mixing age groups allows children to engage in meaningful interactions, learn from one another, and develop essential social skills.
Younger children are inspired by the accomplishments of their older peers, while older children reinforce their understanding by teaching younger ones. This collaborative atmosphere nurtures empathy, cooperation, and leadership qualities, essential for success in life. We have written a blog post about this in more detail Here.

As a Center we understand how difficult it can be for foreign families to practice their mother tongue, that’s why we’ve created exclusive play dates where you can expose your child to dynamic two-hour encounters, which not only allow you to meet other families from your country, but also give your child a chance to enjoy a pleasant time of guided work and play.
In our Center, we speak English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.

At our Montessori Family Centre, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment in which all children can thrive. We recognize and celebrate the unique abilities and strengths of each child, including those with special needs or differing abilities.
Our approach to accommodating children with special needs begins with individualized assessment and planning. Please contact us to see what we can do in order to cater to your needs.

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