Work Cycle and Free Play

At our Montessori Family Center, we pride ourselves on fostering a learning environment that celebrates the inherent uniqueness of each child. By seamlessly integrating cycles of work and free play, we create a balanced and harmonious learning environment that honors each child’s individual needs and preferences. Through this holistic approach, we empower children to become confident, capable, and compassionate individuals who are prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The Work Cycle and Free Play includes



Monday to Saturday:
9:00 – 17:00


Bookings are only taken for private events, such as birthday celebrations. Please contact us for more information via email: [email protected]

General Information:

You will be surprised when I tell you that the greater part of what you call ‘play’ is really work.

Customer reviews:

“Thank you Montessori Family Center for such a great experience. Interesting and clean place, pleasant and helpful lady who is working there. Thank you!:) Definitely we are coming back.”
Lars R.

“This place is absolutely beautiful from the space to every single detail inside. It’s cozy, has lots of natural light. Kids can explore different toys, books, equipment on their own or with parents. Everything selected with great care and has high quality. My 5 and 2,5 years old kids loved it. We will definitely come back soon! Thank you to the owner and the team for creating such an amazing center for the whole family.
Anna B.

“Very nice and clean place. Perfectly to calm down and focus on educational work. Not overcrowded.”
— Adi V.

“Finally, a Montessori dream has come true. What a beautiful place. Just by entering the space you can feel the passion for this concept and the attention to detail is visible in every corner of the centre. All materials are of high quality and the layout and environment is very inviting and family centered. My three kids loved it from the first second and wanted to come back instantly. Highly recommendable for parents that look for conscious and educational play time for their kids whilst being in a comfortable place themselves.
All the best for the owner – we will soon be back!”
— Jennifer B.

“Our visit to the Montessori Family Centre in Düsseldorf was like stepping into a magical world. It was more than just a day out with our kids, aged 2 years and 7 months; it was an adventure. The staff welcomed us with open arms, creating a warm, nurturing environment that encouraged our children to explore and grow. Their eyes lit up with every new discovery, and their laughter filled the air, making it clear they loved every moment. This place didn’t just entertain; it inspired. A heartfelt thank you to the team for such a memorable experience. Our family cherishes the joy and learning we found here.”
— F.P.D

“My daughter (14 months) and I love this place!
We have been coming the last two weeks and we haven’t been disappointed. On the contrary, we just want to come here more and more.
The thing I like the most is that I feel at home. It feels like our external play room and living room. The atmosphere is amazing, full of light and a beautiful Montessori decor and toys.
My daughter loves exploring the space and I can leave her to do so since she is in a safe environment.
We want to come regularly. It is the perfect place for us to go after the Kita to play, learn and explore.
For us parents, it is great to be in a space where you are not constantly repeating to “watch out” or “be careful” because it is so well thought for our little ones.
Macarena and Natalia (I have to meet the rest of the team still) are amazing.
I would agree with other comments about having other things to snack, maybe cake, cookies or something like that.
I am happy to be part of this community and would love to engage in future events and know more families.”
— Victoria D.

“Made with love, made to connect. Centred around community. International founders and excellent coffee” 
— Sabina H.

Tolles Konzept, sehr unterschiedliche Spielsachen und Spielmöglichkeiten. Wunderschöne Räumlichkeiten mit viel Platz und Licht zum Wohlfühlen. Eintritt etwas teuer, dafür muss man aber nix konsumieren und kann sein eigenes Essen mitbringen. Für 6-Jährige vielleicht nicht mehr so geeignet, aber bis 4 Jahre auf jeden Fall. Ich empfehle es und wünsche den Betreibern eine erfolgreiche Zeit. Der Ort muss sich auf jeden Fall noch mehr rumsprechen.”
— C.G

“Is it a Kindercafe? Is it a playground? “What is the Montessori Family Center?” people ask; to put it simply, the MFC is a place for babies and children to spend time meaningfully. Since play = learning in the early years of childhood, the MFC has been created exactly to cater to this, alongside its its namesake – the Montessori principle.

As a concrete example: I have a 7-month-old baby who loves to play and interact with her trusted people. But above all, she loves to observe, which means she also gets overwhelmed with new inputs. We’ve spent time at other kids’ cafes in the city, and found them to be too loud, too chaotic, too stuffy, and/or not catering enough to babies 0-1 year old (I don’t consider a corner with some random toys a proper space.) When we spent time at MFC with two other adults and their children, my daughter was still busy observing everyone. However, she also felt comfortable and confident enough to bring out her other side. This meant that she wanted to play and move her body as much as she wanted to see what the others around her were doing. Her two hours at MFC was well-spent in every way, and that to me makes all the difference in where we choose to spend our time in the future!”
— Clara W.

“I recently visited the Montessori Family Center with my 3 yo son, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the experience.

The center provides a perfect balance of play and learning opportunities for kids of all temperaments.

The place is equipped with a wide variety of materials that cater to all interests and abilities. My little one had a blast climbing and jumping on the climbing area, while also enjoyed quieter activities like puzzles and exploring sensory bins.
It was amazing to see how engaged and focused he was as he moved from one area to the next.

What I loved most about the Montessori Family Center is that it truly embraces the Montessori philosophy of allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace.

I felt like my child was in a safe and nurturing environment where he could freely explore and discover new things.

The coffee is also great, I would love that they offer more snacks or finger food, but maybe in a close future they will.

Overall, I highly recommend this place to any parent looking for a fun and educational play space for their little one. Whether your child is energetic or calm, they will find something that captures their interest and imagination.

I can’t wait to go back and see what new adventures await us!”

— Karla S.

“Best arcade I’ve been to with my daughter in two years.” 

— Alena C.