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Lovevery is an American company that offers meticulously designed play kits and resources tailored to each stage of a child’s development. With a focus on promoting holistic growth, their products stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, and support critical developmental milestones. From high-quality, sustainably sourced materials to age-appropriate activities and play guides, Lovevery provides everything parents need to confidently foster their child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development.
Step into our Montessori Family Center and experience an amazing LOVEVERY ROOM! Get exclusive access to fantastic discounts and fun-filled play dates.

Eeveve, founded in 2019 by a Dutch family, brings practical elegance to home decor with a range of versatile products. Named after their daughter, Eve, the company began as a solution to safeguard interiors from the adventures of childhood. From floor mats under high chairs to comprehensive household solutions, Eeveve combines style and functionality.

Collaborating with our Montessori Center, Eeveve fosters an environment where children explore freely. Their products, designed for safety and aesthetic appeal, complement our educational approach. Whether it’s protecting floors during messy experiments or providing soft surfaces for early milestones, Eeveve supports parents in cherishing every moment of their child’s journey.

Hala Empanadas is an enterprise founded in 2021 in the city of Düsseldorf. They specialize in crafting handmade empanadas, drawing inspiration from their journey through Latin America, particularly Argentina. They use fresh, locally sourced, natural ingredients for a sustainable, healthy finger food option. The production process is entirely handmade, ensuring quality and authenticity in every bite.
As a Montessori Family Center, we are delighted to offer their delicious empanadas at our events and birthday celebrations, providing families with a tasty and healthy dining option that reflects our dedication to supporting local businesses. 

Motel a Miio is a design-focused family brand specializing in creating unique handcrafted ceramics. Their vision of promoting creativity, individuality, and quality craftsmanship aligns perfectly with the spirit of our Montessori Family Center. Just as we prioritize personalized learning experiences and the holistic development of children, Motel a Miio values the beauty of individual expression and the importance of tactile experiences in everyday life. By collaborating with “Motel a Miio,” we aim to enhance our environment with their beautiful handcrafted pieces.

Founded in 2022, Bygge, a family-run business, embarked on a mission to create enduring, high-quality toys. With their building blocks, Bygge promotes children’s creativity, mobility, and self-efficacy. They prioritize quality and transparency, manufacturing 100% in Germany with recyclable materials. The idea for Bygge arose during a rainy autumn day, sparking a burst of creativity during a family crafting session. Bygge collaborates with our Montessori Family Center by providing educational tools aligned with their philosophy. Together, we nurture children’s holistic development, fostering a generation of empowered learners. Bygge’s Danish roots and dedication to quality resonate with our Montessori approach, enriching educational experiences for young minds.

Leslie Fleischer, the talented photographer behind the lens at our Montessori Family Center. Hailing from America and based in Dusseldorf, Leslie brings a unique touch to her work. Her style? It’s all about that deep love for photography and her expert play with natural light, giving her captures a strikingly bold yet beautifully raw vibe. With a wealth of experience under her belt, Leslie’s journey in photography has taken her far and wide, connecting with families from diverse backgrounds around the globe. Her passion? It’s all about capturing those special moments and weaving them into timeless stories.

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Partnering with Our Montessori Family Center allows your company to invest in the future while benefiting from tangible rewards. Your support directly contributes to the growth and success of our services, ensuring that families will have excess to wonderful products and services.

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Stand out in the marketplace by associating your brand with excellence in education. You can increase brand visibility, enhance reputation, and differentiate your company from competitors through strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and co-branded initiatives. Reach new audiences and strengthen customer loyalty by showcasing your commitment to education and community development.

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