Parenting Consultancy

Are you new to Montessori and don't know how to start?


Would you like to acquire the knowledge to understand your child to a greater level?


Would you like to learn how to create and prepare a Montessori environment that allows your child to develop naturally and freely?


Would you like to provide activities / toys which contribute to your child’s learning?

If your answers were yes , then this parenting consultancy is for you!

Here you will learn how to:

Implement the Montessori approach according to your child’s stage of development
Practical strategies to support the development through daily routines
Prepare a Montessori environment considering the four areas of the child's environment (playing, sleeping, feeding and self-caring)
Organise and display the learning material
Encourage your child to be more independent and confident

Price and details:

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Some reasons why many parents have decided to implement the Montessori Method at home: