Get to know our Montessori Family Center

A place where families come together to learn, play, and grow together.

Through a wide range of educational and recreational services such as work cycles and free play, workshops, courses, play dates, and events; we create opportunities for families to connect, share experiences, and forge lasting bonds.

Let’s take a peek at what our center has to offer:

Movement Room

Step into this expansive space crafted to encourage free movement with the aid of Montessori and Pikler materials. We aim to facilitate the development of children's gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness within a secure and supervised setting. Specifically designed and tailored for infants and toddlers, aged 0 months to 6 years old.

Children's Workroom

A room carefully designed to put into practice the concept of "work cycles" used in Montessori - where children can work on activities that put into practice the development of fine motor skills, concentration, language, and mathematical mind. Designed and adapted for infants and toddlers (1 to 6 years old).

Lovevery Room

This cozy room is uniquely designed for the little ones to have the opportunity to interact and experience stages-based materials to support their brain development: Cognitive, social-emotional, communication, and early STEM skills. (from 0 months to 3 and a half - 4 years old).

Parents' Lounge

If you need a minute to sit comfortably, relax, or enjoy a pleasant conversation with another mum/dad, you can take a break in the Parents' Lounge. As educators and parents, we understand the importance of setting aside a few minutes each day to regroup, tackle essential tasks, or simply unwind. The Parents' Lounge is the ideal spot for such moments of respite.

Our facilities feature ample natural light, high ceilings, and a large kitchen with an integrated cafeteria where families can enjoy delicious coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks. In addition, there are two modern bathrooms, one with a convenient changing table, a room where you can park your pram, and a reception area where our staff will be happy to welcome your family.

About our concept

At Our Montessori Family Center, we recognize the paramount importance of blending structured cycles of work with the freedom of unstructured play, all through the lens of Montessori philosophy.

We understand that children learn best when engaging in purposeful activities that align with their developmental needs and interests. Through carefully curated cycles of work, children are provided with opportunities to explore, discover, and master new concepts at their own pace.
These work cycles promote concentration, independence, and a love for learning, laying the foundation for academic success and lifelong curiosity.

Equally vital to our approach is ample opportunities for free play. We believe that play is the natural language of childhood, allowing children to express themselves, develop social skills, and cultivate creativity. In our Montessori Family Center, children are encouraged to explore our thoughtfully prepared environments, filled with engaging materials and open-ended activities, where they can follow their interests, collaborate with peers, and unleash their imagination.

Our mission
To create an inclusive space where children and parents embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and community building.
We strive to develop independent, confident, and compassionate individuals who possess a lifelong love for learning.

Our vision
To become the leading Montessori Family Center that provides holistic learning experiences for families. We aim to cultivate an environment in which children can discover and develop their unique abilities and talents at their own pace.

Get to know our founders

Natalia Reynders

A visionary leader, co-founder, and CEO of Düsseldorf’s premier Montessori Family Center – dedicated multilingual mother and passionate advocate for child-centered education. Originally pursuing a degree in agriculture in Chile, Natalia’s journey took a transformative turn upon learning of her impending motherhood. Fueled by a desire to provide the best educational environment for her son, she transitioned her focus to the field of education.

Natalia underwent comprehensive training as a Montessori educator, specializing in age groups from infancy to adolescence through programs accredited by both the International Montessori Institute (IMI) and the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Continuously seeking to enhance her expertise, Natalia remains committed to ongoing professional development, eagerly pursuing courses related to education to ensure the Montessori Family Center remains at the forefront of innovative pedagogical practices.

Yuliia Storozhylova

Our COO at the Montessori Family Center brings a diverse skill set to our team. With qualifications in physiotherapy, alongside experience in yoga and CrossFit, she also specializes in postpartum recovery. Her journey into the Montessori philosophy began three years ago with the birth of her daughter. Since then, Yuliia has dedicated herself to incorporating Montessori principles into her home and community, striving to share these insights through her roles at the Center.

In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Yuliia contributes to our curriculum development, focusing on creating sport-oriented courses for children and parents. Her approach is deeply rooted in evidence-based practices, ensuring that the Center’s offerings are scientifically sound. Yuliia manages daily operations and process organization, applying her expertise in sports, science, and medicine to support the Center’s mission.

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